HSK and HSKK Preparation Courses

(level 1- level6)

The tutor will work through past HSK exam papers with the students to improve their exam confidence alongside their listening, reading and writing skills. At the end of the course, learners will be well prepared for HSK examination.

Our Programs

Chinese is with no doubt the “buzz language” of the 21st century with China’s rapid economy development and its mighty role on the world stage. Parents are scrambling to sign up Chinese classes for their children and businessmen are trying to learn it.

With high quality teaching, Ontario Premier Mandarin Institute

 stands out from a crowd of competitors, proudly serving North America Community for more than 10 years.

Basic Mandarin Chinese


This course will allow students with no prior knowledge of Chinese learn basic Chinese characters and Pinyin in a fun and easy way.

Communicate in  Chinese 


How to buy airplane ticket? How to order food in Chinese restaurants? Students will learn how to communicate in Mandarin in real-life situations.

              HSK、 HSKK 考前培训

教师根据学生汉语水平进行真题模拟训练。 针对不同题型设计不同解题思路,通过对学生听、说、读、写四方面能力全面培训,帮助HSK和HSKK考生轻松通过考试。

Classical Chinese Poetry

This course will allow learners embark on a time-travelling journey to appreciate the beauty of classical Chinese poetry.

Business Mandarin Course


Ranging from Beginner Level to Advanced Level, this course allows learners to study topics such as basic business negotiations, sales promotions, and to learn to read short, simple project or partnership proposals

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