• Holder of International Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate

  • Authorized HSK examiner in Canada 

  • Master's Degree from Education Department of Sydney University

  • Holder of certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Level Test 1-Grade A (the Highest level)

  • In Charge of teacher training and co-op programs

  • Specialty: Spoken Chinese, Business Chinese, and HSK preparation, etc.( Her student won $1000 award in North America HSK competition)

  • Her extensive teaching experience and her passion for Mandarin teaching have gained her popularity among her students.

Ruth Wu




Holder of Bachelor's degree in Education Management

Holder of Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management

Holder of certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Test Level 1-Grade A (Highest level)

Taught Mandarin for 15 years both in Canada and China

Holder of Montessori Teacher Certificate

Specialty : She emphasizes the importance of students' learning interests and encourages students to practice their Mandarin skills in real life. She has been exploring a variety of teaching methods and integrating students’ interests, needs and abilities into her teaching plans.

Coco SU

 Why you must ask for your Mandarin teacher’s PSC Test certificate...

It is very easy to find a "Mandarin teacher" on the internet. For example, a Chinese student studying in the UK who "teaches" Mandarin part-time and without any language teaching experience. But it is very difficult to find a truly professional Mandarin teacher who speaks Mandarin to the highest level of proficiency and without any accent or dialect.

In China, Mandarin teachers are strictly ranked according to how they perform in the Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi ("PSC") Test which is an official test of spoken fluency in Mandarin developed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. For more information please see their Wikipedia entry.

Mandarin teachers in China are ranked according to the six categories of proficiency shown below.


All our Mandarin tutors are PSC Level One and speak Mandarin without any accent

Meet Our Team

  •  Bachelor's degree with renowned Normal University from China

  • Holder of  Certificate of Putonghua Proficiency test Level 2-Grade A

  •  More than 10-year teaching experience in Canada

  •  Senior teacher with Fangzheng Chinese School

  •  Students won multiply times of First Prize in International Public Speaking Competition with her guidance

  • Specialty :She specializes in teaching Pinyin and Chinese language in a fun and easy way. Her fun teaching methodology enhances students' academic performance effectively.

Tina Zhu


Levels and Grades Requirements of each Level




LEVEL 1A (97%-100% correct)

Correct pronunciation in oral reading and free conversation, using correct vocabulary and grammar, correct and natural intonation with fluent expression.

National and provincial radio and television presenters, program hosts.

LEVEL 1B (92%-97% correct)

Correct pronunciation in oral reading and free conversation, using correct vocabulary and grammar, correct and natural intonation with fluent expression. Occasional mistakes with pronunciation and tones.

Local radio and television presenters, programme hosts.

LEVEL 2A (87%-92% correct)

Correct pronunciation in oral reading and free conversation with a naturally fluent intonation. Rare mistakes with difficult sound (nasal sounds, etc). Rare mistakes in vocabulary and grammar.

Teachers of Mandarin to speakers of other languages of other languages.

Chinese language teachers in Southern China.

LEVEL 2B (80%-87% correct)

Occasional mistakes in oral reading and conversation. Lack of accuracy with specific tones, vowels and consonants. No obvious dialect accent but occasional use of dialect words and grammar.

Teachers in schools and nurseries.

Students who apply for teaching qualification training.

LEVEL 3A (70%-80% correct)

A number of mistakes with vowels and consonants in oral reading and conversation. Obvious dialect accent. Vocabulary and grammar mistakes.

National civil servants.

Level 1A denotes the highest level of proficiency in Mandarin (top 3%). Level 1B denotes the second highest (the next 5%).

All of the Academy's Mandarin teachers hold PSC certificates showing that they speak Mandarin to Level 1B and above (i.e. the top 8%). Although the requirement for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages is Level 2A (error less than 13%), the Academy insists on only having teachers who have achieved Level 1 because we strongly believe that your time is precious and you certainly do not want to waste time learning “incorrect Chinese”!

As a result, the Academy's students typically emerge speaking Mandarin correctly and without an accent or dialect as can so often be the case with students who use "Mandarin teachers" with a lower level of proficiency according to the PSC Test.

So, when selecting your "Mandarin teacher", make sure you ask to see his or her PSC Certificate, together with a certified teaching qualification such as the IPA (International Profession Certification Association), ICA (International Chinese Language Teachers Association) or an equivalent degree such as TCSOL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language).

  •  Passed professional academic exam which is issued by the International Association of Chinese Teachers, and got Advanced International Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate

  • Studied and finished Chinese Program in Peking University

  •  Learned Professional International Chinese Teaching method.

  •  Currently studying in Business Administration Program at Seneca College

  •  Specialty: Children Chinese, Chinese for Foreigners

  • The teaching philosophy of "serious teaching, joyful growth and love company" has always been used in teaching process. In the past four years of Chinese teaching experience, She has been accepted and loved by children.

Andybelle You

  • Graduated From Anhalt University, Germany.

  • After school tutor  – Chinese, English, Mathematics.

  • Received recognition and Award for Teaching Excellence in China

  • Noel broadens her students' cultural vision and develops their awareness of cross - cultural communication.

  • She is positive and creates a relaxing and harmonious teaching atmosphere 

  • She makes her class interesting by fostering a positive, supportive, yet challenging classroom environment.
  • With an upbeat mood and a sense of vitality, Noel makes herself a great teacher.

Nole Zhu


  • Bachelor's degree in Linguistics from a renowned University in China​

  • Holder of Certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Level Test 1-Grade 

  • Winner of the Best Teacher Awards at a top elementary school in China

  • 8- year teaching experience as a Chinese teacher in a famous high school in China

  • Worked as English and Chinese teacher in Maisi Bilingual School founded by Mrs Jane Fang, a famous linguist from London University

  • Lubecca keeps her class interesting by inspiring and igniting her students’ imagination. Value the Importance of Interaction in classroom language learning, she creates hands-on interactive and interesting activities to increase a student's potential for academic success. Her passion for teaching and love for her students make her an excellent teacher.

Lubecca Lu

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